Develop Time Management Solutions in Commercial Real Estate Agency

One of the most challenging aspects of a career in commercial real estate is your ability to optimise your time and focus. As with many sales careers, time is your major resource that has to be managed very well if you want the best of outcomes personally.

Some of the challenges that you will come across every day in your property career include the following:

  • Meetings with clients regards current listings and levels of enquiry – this will be impacted by the amount of listings that you have on your books
  • Developing marketing strategies for the current listings on your books – you need to adopt a target market approach with each listing.
  • Following up on prospects that you have contacted previously – your database is very valuable as a tool of opportunity
  • Finding new prospective clients to present and pitch your services to – cold calling is a daily event (or should be)
  • Meetings in the your office with other agency staff and the agency principal – keep meetings to a minimum unless they are really important.
  • Property inspections with potential tenants and buyers
  • Negotiating deals with interested parties and prospects
  • Moving transactions forward and toward a close and commitment
  • Progressing successful transactions to settlement or lease creation.
  • Checking out the other agents competing against you in the local property market
  • Designing advertising and marketing material for existing listings
  • Prospecting for new business plus the researching required as part of that process

For these simple but very time consuming events it is easy to see that the average commercial agency salesperson is very busy most of the time. Your ability to stay on top of your time commitment with listings, appointments with clients and prospects, generating Blossoms By The Park Showflat new business, and optimising your diary process are fundamental factors to getting positive outcomes in your real estate business.

If you cannot manage your day and your appointments, then is unlikely that success will come to you easily. Organization and personal control is required.

One of the best ways to manage your time personally is to develop a priority and ‘chunking’ process.

The best salespeople are highly organized and disciplined. They know the two or three things that are absolutely essential to daily activity; they will do those things regardless of anything else that is required of them, and on that basis they will grow their business.

This whole process is not easy, nor should it be. A career in commercial real estate can be very rewarding but it does require commitment on the part of the individual. Are you up to the challenge?

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