Four of the Best Camera Lens Review Websites

Looking for a great way to get specific info on certain lenses? Try lens reviews. Reviews give you a general idea of what the lens is like. Also, they’re quite helpful in choosing which camera lens to buy.

However, the web is full of reviews for all sorts of different products. That’s especially true for lenses. Almost everyone has their own opinion on which lenses are the best. These days, it’s quite difficult to find a good honest lens review site. In this article, we’ll clear things up for you as we look at four great places to find reviews on camera lenses.

Here are the four exceptional review websites that I love to use.

4. DPReview. DPReview dates all the way back to the beginning of the digital era in 1998. It’s one of the fundamental digital photography sites. DPReview is a lot bigger now. However, they still offer solid reviews on lenses. DPReview’s procedures for testing lenses are very rigorous. When you want a lot of information on a lens, a lot of image samples, and specific tech data on the lens’s performance, DPReview is great.

3. PhotographyReview. Containing only user reviews, Photography Review is a unique lens review site. It’s made up of customer reviews, and it enjoys decent popularity in the photo community. The upside of Photography Review is that all the reviewers are actual users offering their personal experience simply because they want to help. The Photography Review system is similar to the customer review system of Amazon–you have to create a user account, post lens reviews, and rate the lens from 1-5 stars.

2. The-Digital-Picture. The Digital Picture is a premier nikon camera lens cheap camera gear review site, and for a reason. Bryan, who founded and runs the site, is very passionate about camera gear. He gives real, honest, pertinent, to-the-point evaluations of photo gear. The Digital Picture also offers tools for comparing lenses. There’s a lot of lens test data available as well. The Digital Picture covers several of the industry’s top brands, including Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Sigma, Tokina, Zeiss, and Samyang. Bryan’s reviews are easy to read and quite helpful.

1. The Mir Photography page. The Mir photography section is a very unique, unknown website in the world of lens review sites. Covering Canon, Nikon, and many more brands, Mir is a gold mine of lens info and reviews. The site has an older design, but the information is incredibly helpful. They review some of the most underrated, low-cost, high-value lenses. Definitely be sure to check out the Mir photography section.

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