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Information About Panasonic Remote Controls

As with most remote controls, Panasonic remotes have a tendency to scare people away from them. As anyone who watches TV will verify, losing your controller can be a frustration, and if it’s lost forever it feels like your life my end! This articles aims to give a little bit of information about these remotes, and some advice about what to do if you lose them.

Panasonic make remote controls for a wide range of products including:
DVD players

I’m not sure what you would do with a remote for a digital camera but they are in existence!

This article will focus on the trusted television control, because they probably have the biggest impact on your life you lose them! Technology behind the TV remote controls has improved massively in remote rolling code recent years and now a number of different controllers are able to operate any television set.

Panasonic are particularly strong at this and most of their TV remotes have the functionality to change a digital set top box or a even DVD players. It’s because of this that all my home cinema system is made by the same manufacturer, that way, if I lose one control I have others I can use.

Replacing tv controls for older TVs is somewhat more problematic. Panasonic themselves are not particularly helpful when you contact them so you are best of contacting a local television specialist. These are a dying bread but can be found if you look hard enough. These guys may be able to fix a remote control if it’s broken, but if not should be able to point you in the direct of a worthy replacement.

Universal Controls

Universal controls have also come on leaps and bounds in the last decade and with a couple of exceptions they are all compatible with Panasonic TVs. You can every get all the features such as tuning as you’d expect to get from a standard remote control, although this will vary slightly between TV control models.

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